Antique Gold & Silver Pocket Watch Chains

Pocket Watch Chains

The most timeless piece of jewellery, the pocket watch chain. The history of the watch chain dates back to the 17th century, and this iconic piece of jewellery stems from when the waistcoat was introduced into fashion. 

9ct Gold Antique Double Albert Watch Chain

Watch Chain Types

A watch chain is a watch chain, right? Well... there are a few types of chains each varying in size, style and metal. The most desired watch chains are made in solid silver (925) and gold (9ct, 18ct). These would have been for the extremely wealthy.

The styles vary enormously and I will explain below...

Antique Gold Watch Fobs

Albert Watch Chain

Albert Watch Chains, famously named after Prince Albert during the 19th century, consisted of a single chain with a T-Bar attached which would have gone through the button hole, or lapel of your waistcoat. Attached to the other end of the chain would have been your pocket watch held on with a swivel clasp. The chain also featured a small chain 'drop' where the T-Bar is, so that you could attach your very elegant watch fob, medal or charm. A very sophisticated and luxurious piece.

Antique Gold Double Albert Watch Chain

Double Albert Watch Chain

Similar to the Albert, however the Double Albert consisted of two chains running from the T-Bar. An extremely cool piece of jewellery where the second chain would have once been used as the key winder to your pocket watch, however as time went on, it was used as more of a fashion accessory. Vesta cases, sovereign cases, cigarette cases or pocket knives to name a few, would have been attached. The central chain 'drop' would also have been on the Double Albert, again to attach a watch fob etc.


What to look for when buying a pocket watch chain...

Quality is everything. There are different style watch chains and different precious metals used, that being Single Albert, Double Albert, (9ct,18ct) Gold and Silver to name a few.
Let's get to into the item quality. Pocket Watch chains vary in length and the size of the links. They can be all one size link, or graduated, which is where the links start at a smaller size, then gradually increase in size until they reach the middle, and then get smaller again. This shows signs of quality and style, especially through the Victorian era. Another great touch and sign of a good chain, is having the links hallmarked. Thats right, every, single, link. It may have taken some time to do, however it shows true quality, and this even shines through today.
Here at TheNorthC, we have keen eye for detail, and therefore only stock the best quality Pocket Watch Chains. All chains have been inspected by our beady eyes and have passed the quality checks we have, before being listed with the upmost respect they deserve; after all, some have survived both World Wars and everyday use!